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Rubicon Wigzell is owned and managed by Andrew Moore and Charlie Wigzell, familiar names in the Lean community. Over the past decade, the company has built a network of associates who share our commitment to excellence, open, collaborative relationships, fair dealing and return on investment.

Rubicon Wigzell Team

Andrew Moore – Director

Andrew is a director of Rubicon Wigzell and an experienced business consultant and Lean Master Engineer. He applies this knowledge and experience across the full construction value stream, from client brief through to asset maintenance. He is the Lean heart of Rubicon Wigzell.

Charlie Wigzell – Director

Charlie is a director and co-founder of Rubicon Wigzell, a trained systems thinker with many years of experience in the construction industry. With an early background in the Arts, he specialises in facilitation and system architecture. He is passionate about individual, team and organisational performance.

Waheed Hussain

Waheed is an accomplished Change Management and Lean Consultant. He helps clients drive improvement and change on their projects and within their organisations through the use of Lean Thinking, tools and techniques. He is deeply committed to fostering sustainable change.

Jacqui Wilson

Jacqui is responsible for the smooth running of the administrative engine of Rubicon Wigzell. She has been with us since the early days and is a key contributor to the continuing success of the business.

Tom Bennett

Tom is a Chartered Engineer and Project Manager with 20 years of experience in delivering infrastructure projects.  He combines in-depth understanding of design and assurance processes with Lean delivery and improvement techniques to maximise collaboration, minimise re-work and optimise the performance of multi-disciplinary teams.

Martin Fawcett

Martin is a Lead Consultant at Rubicon Wigzell and is an expert in Lean Thinking as well as a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma. He has an engaging style that ensures improvements are successfully deployed at all levels within a client’s organisation. He specialises in facilitation, data analysis and project controls.

Katy Henderson

Katy is a Lean Lead for Rubicon Wigzell. She brings a wealth of experience from leading and delivering major infrastructure projects. With a passion for building high performing teams, she specialises in organisational change, system deployment and linking Lean, innovation, knowledge sharing and communications as key enablers to business and major project success.

Martin Gallagher

Martin is an Associate Consultant and brings over 30 years of civil engineering and construction expertise. His rich background encompasses engineering, compliance and operational roles across the infrastructure sector. This provides him with a deep well from which to draw when faced with complex problems.

Wisam Hasan

Wisam is the company data attack dog. He is terrier-like in his search for information and results. With an engaging personality and capacity for work, Wisam adds significant value to each project on which he works.

Sam Woodcock

Sam is one of the company’s longest standing associates. His forte is the application of Lean theory to site planning, production control and process improvement. He is most at home at the heart of the production process as it plays out on site. His early training as a draughtsman, alongside his subsequent career using the outdoors for personal and team development, have proven to be an excellent preparation for his current role.

Chris Cheeseman

Chris’s military career, his capacity for data analysis and intuitive engineering ability, make Chris an asset on any assignment requiring flexibility, innovative thought and the rigorous application of Lean Thinking. When Rubicon Wigzell goes into combat against waste, Chris is one of the first names on the team sheet.

Barry Poling

Barry is the Renaissance man of Rubicon Wigzell. Is there anything at which he doesn’t excel? Musician, Lean thinker, results deliverer and a thoroughly decent chap. He is always a pleasure to work with and delivers value like there is no tomorrow.

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