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Introduction to Business Improvement

Kick start your improvement journey with a clear understanding of what to expect, the scope of the techniques you’ll be using, and the results you are working towards. The introduction also has change management tips to help you and your colleagues prepare for the impact of improvement.

Work & Waste Management

Learn how to achieve fast results by driving out process waste to improve productivity, reduce cost and increase profit. The Work & Waste Toolkit will help you to view work as you have never seen it before, and to develop a sense of urgency to make changes for the better.

Collaborative Planning

Help your project teams to create a better and more collaborative working relationship internally and with clients and suppliers, identifying areas for improvement that can be planned into a project from the outset. Collaborative planning uses the skills and experience of your staff and suppliers to develop the best method and sequence of construction.

Workplace Organisation

Make your workplace improvement-ready by creating a more safe, stable and efficient working environment. This toolkit is designed to help and achieve a high standard of workplace organisation and sustain the standard throughout your work activity.

Performance Measurement

Installing a measurement system in your business will help you to identify critical areas for improvement, giving you and your colleagues the skills to understand exactly what is going wrong and the know-how to put it right.

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