Supporting improvement at the Highways Agency

A recent audit carried out by the UK Highways Agency (HA) has shown that our work together has so far delivered savings of close to £120 million pounds over four years, a strong indicator that the development of Lean strategy and practice is delivering measurable improvements.

Our support for the HA is currently focused in three areas which together are helping to embed Lean and foster a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organisation and its supply chain.

Firstly, our Lean expert Andrew Moore works directly with the senior leadership team, developing their own knowledge of Lean tools and techniques and supporting the development and implementation of the Agency’s Lean strategy.

We also support the development of collaborative planning skills and practice throughout the Agency and its supply chain, supporting a network for collaboration that is helping to deliver significant improvements in the way that projects are designed, planned and delivered.

Additionally, we’re entering a fourth year of work with the HA to develop and implement a Lean process for motorway construction, as the Agency continues its major national upgrade of the motorway network to a smart system.

The financial saving delivered in these areas, while significant, is just one measure of the transformative power of Lean, alongside safer worksites, smoother project management, resource efficiency, happier teams, on-time delivery and a better experience for road users.